Security division

Watching over property and family.

Through its Security Division, Telecom Design develops and supplies connected security solutions for the family, property and vehicles to major players in the protection sector.


Comprehensive security systems for the home or vehicle.

We design smart sensor ecosystems that are ready to be supplied on a white label, turnkey basis. These connected objects offer 360° protection, ranging from motion detection to vehicle tracking, video surveillance, door opening detection, fire detection, air quality, anti-jamming, etc.


Control over data from its collection to its use.

Telecom Design’s servers are able to retrieve, analyse and process information gathered from large-scale sensors. We design HMIs to supervise parks of connected objects as well as mobile applications intended for users of security systems.

The use of innovation to meet complex challenges.

We are regularly called upon to find technological solutions to flaws in connected security systems. We were the first to integrate the Sigfox 0G network as a back-up network in this type of installation. Moreover, our knowledge in this area has enabled us to develop connected sensors that are completely resistant to radio interference.

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Nicolas Gaüzes

Sales manager for the security division