Christophe Arnaud appointed head of Telecom Design.

Press release

IOT for a better life.

We develop End to End solutions for the security of people, property and the home.

2 Business Units

A key player in IOT in europe for over 20 years.

From M2M to the Internet of Things, Telecom Design has stood the test of time thanks to its capacity for technological innovation: the first car GPS systems, the first smart water meters and the first automatic fall detectors for seniors.

products sold over 20 years.

products sold in 2020

patents filed.

firmware, hardware and software engineers.

Our know-how

The expertise of our R&D team has been bolstered and strengthened project after project.

Sigfox Network

Telecom Design has been a pionneer in the Sigfox certified RF modules development. Currently, we provide the largest module range of the market.



Sigfox UNB, ISM low energy, Bluetooth low energy, Wifi…


GPS, accelerometer, pressure, video, motion, smoke, air quality, temperature…

Web & mobile apps

We can provide turnkey solutions including device monitoring with dashboards or high-end consumer applications.

Electronic designs

Telecom Design has been using the most advanced designing tools in order to optimize the Bill Of Material and to reach the best quality level for the device

RF designs

A cutting-edge expertise in designing high quality antennas for the most various devices.

Telecom protocols

Telecom Protocols A strong expertise in major telecom protocols either wireless or wired.


Telecom Design has always paid a great attention in the quality of its products. Dozens of telecom and security approvals have been successfully passed all around the world (CE, FCC, …).


We place great value on our innovations by working with prestigious clients, enabling them to remain leaders in their field.
Telecom Design also relies on technological partners who are recognised for their reliability and their avant-gardism.