About Telecom Design

The company was created in 2000 with the coming together of 5 entrepreneurs, all of whom were at the origin of many innovative projects (the first GPS systems, smart water meters, etc.). Initially a manufacturer of electronic modules, Telecom Design has proven its extensive know-how in the development and marketing of turnkey IoT solutions: products, servers, HMI, etc.

For several years, the company has experienced strong growth thanks to its ability to find major clients to promote its innovations. It has become one of the European leaders in the Internet of Things with more than 1,000,000 products sold every year.

Telecom Design has thus established itself on two high-potential markets, namely home security and the protection of seniors.


Our vision

Today, technology makes it possible to provide effective responses to issues of health, protection and well-being.
We innovate in this area to create intelligent objects that make everyone’s life safer and easier.

True to its origins

At the same time as its new IoT projects, Telecom Design is continuing its historical activity as a manufacturer of radio and camera modules. Find all our references here:

Telecom Design

Its development in 8 key dates

  • The creation of the company Telecom Design. Within a decade, it has established itself as a key player on the M2M market thanks to its communication modules (radio, Wi-Fi, etc…)
  • The launch of Vitalbase – the first automatic fall detector integrating the company’s patented technology. Several generations of the company’s flagship product have been released and over 900,000 units have been sold.
  • The launch of the first Sigfox radio modules, followed a few years later by the first camera modules.
  • The Cloud-on-Chip, which allows any object to communicate using an electronic module and cutting-edge server technology.
  • The launch of Vitalbase’s 3rd generation automatic fall detectors: the Vibby Oak. The telecare market applauded its performances and its non-stigmatising design.
  • The creation of the Pipletz product range, the first connected security system to use the Sigfox 0g network.
  • The beginning of OEM and ODM partnership strategies with major European groups in security, bank-insurers and telephone operations.
  • The launch of the Ikarya Watch, the first connected watch which is 100% dedicated to the protection and well-being of seniors.

Complementary teams which have been set up to meet ambitious projects

The DNA of Telecom Design is predominantly technological. The company is continuing to invest in innovation by strengthening its R&D teams in the areas of hardware, firmware and software every year. It also relies on its sales, marketing, production and quality teams to be in a position to intervene 360° in each and every project